The project summary

Great in Britain is a national photographic archive (run by an independent organisation) that is inviting participation from the general public in the form of digital photographic images. Nominal prizes will also be awarded to selected winners on a monthly basis, details to be found on website.

To submit to Great in Britain

Entrants must be 18 or over, or have permission from parent/ guardian.
Entries are welcome from around the world, but all images entered must have been captured in Britain since the beginning of 2010.

All submissions must be uploaded using the Great in Britain website, and include accompanying story background text with location information.
In submitting work, the participant agrees to all of the Great in Britain rules.

The participant and submitted work

The participant assumes full responsibility for the authorisation to Great in Britain to make non-exclusive use of his/her photographic imagery and words, and shall hold no claim of liability in the event of legal action by third parties in and/or out of court and in so doing the participant declares that:

The materials submitted are the exclusive property of the participant, and/or may be used of as he/she wishes; and are not under any third party copyrights.

Any people featured have granted permission for use, or in the case of people under the age of 18, permission has been attained from parents or guardians.

The photos cannot have been previously sold or previously assigned for other projects.

The photos and words submitted must not represent any form of plagiarism.

Additional clauses

All submitted work remains the intellectual property of the artist, although once submitted non-exclusive usage rights are assigned to Great in Britain for twenty four months. After this period, in order to support the ongoing photographic archive resource, the submitted work is non-exclusively licensed to Great in Britain for any related promotion of the archive across any global media on a royalty free basis, without restriction in time.

If potential commercial gain arises for any particular image, Great in Britain will pass details to the photographer of interested parties, for the photographer to negotiate terms on their own behalf.

Following the project deadline, all the work shall be viewable on the dedicated website for as long as the panel deems this appropriate. Images supplied by participants can be used globally to promote the Great in Britain initiative in any media format, including but not limited to, retail point-of-sale material, promotional events and publishing. Credit will be duly applied to the submitting photographer.

Image formats and dimensions may be adjusted in order to operate effectively with the publishing formats. This operates for the period mentioned above and without any prior notice to the submitting artist. Similarly the submitted text may be modified although the same general meaning will be preserved.

Photos deemed ethically and morally unacceptable, or in any way inappropriate, can be eliminated by the judging panel without any notice or recourse.

The judging panel will select the winners and their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be posted on the Great in Britain website and they will be contacted via their supplied details.

The judging panel reserve the right to cancel the competition for reasons beyond its control or if the set objectives are not met, without giving prior notice to the participants.

We reserve the right to limit the number of images submitted by an individual.


Great in Britain is operated under English law in relation to any claims or disputes.